29 July 2009

Bacco Pasticceria: Better than the Adriano Zumbo Chocolate Mousse Cake, Sydney (29 July 2009)

LG03, Chifley Plaza, 2 Chifley Square, Sydney NSW 2000

Tower of Chocolate Heaven

OK, so I haven't actually tried the much talked about Adriano Zumbo Chocolate Mousse Cake as seen on Masterchef ... couldn't afford to buy it at the Charity Cake Auction ... can't really be bothered trying to cook it myself like EatShow&Tell, Tasted By Two and I'm Hungry Too ... and I've probably got Buckley's chance of having the opportunity to buy one of the 100 limited edition $90 cakes from Adriano Zumbo Pastisserie during August ... so for all of those who are in the same boat I'm saying right here, right now, this $5 amazing chocolate cake sensation from Bacco Pasticceria is by far the easiest and cheapest way you're going to be fully satisfied and tantalize your chocolate craving taste buds!

So what are you waiting for? Turn off those reruns of Masterchef, stop trying to make a 4 hour cake, stop praying to try and win a chance to buy a cake against the other 4000+ lottery entries, get off your butt, make the effort and buy yourself one of these babies before you miss out and they become unavailable. You won't regret it!

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PS. If you do win a chance to buy the $90 cake I'd love to buy a slice!

Concorde $5

Does it look like a fortress tower or gun barrel to you?

Concorde cut in half revealing meringue base and mousse interior

Take away box label

Afternoon customers

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I love a good Concorde but having tasted the Zumbo mousse cake it's very, very different! Although this one is much easier to get a hold of.

aptronym said...

That looks like good value for $5! Hey are you going to try every single item there? LOL

YaYa said...

haha, I was there this afternoon too, now I wished I'd bought one of these instead of the chocolate brownie and cherry danish. I guess that means I'll have to go back and take up the challenge!

Simon Leong said...

Hi Lorraine, when you get a chance check out this Concorde which is made by Exectuve Pastry Chef Brendan Dewer who trained under Piere Herme apparently.

Hi aptronym, I think I've tried most of them now but there's always new ones coming out. If you try stick to my favourites first.

Hi YaYa, great timing, I was there at about 3.30 pm. The chocolate brownie used to be better when it had toasted macadamias. You HAVE to try the Concorde and my other recommendations are the Lemon Tart, Strawberry Tart and the Cannoli Siciliani – have you learnt nothing from me :-) hehe

Anita said...

Hahaha, you had me fooled for a second that you had compared the two :) This looks like great value!

Linda said...

I've been following the unravelling of their entire collection through your posts. From what I can see, they have a huge variety and not only that. each one looks great. It's also quite cheap, I definitely want to give this place a go.

Anh said...

OMG so nice. I tried their cannoli and especially love their brioche in the morning. Very yummy!

So glad to find you :)

K said...

yay! thanks for providing me with another place to satisfy my sugar cravings =P

YaYa said...

Missed you by about 3 hours! Grasshopper bows head in disgrace and promises to do better - will eat the Concorde!

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