23 January 2010

Jaya Malaysian: Chicken Rice, Sydney (11 Nov 2009)

Maritime Trade Towers, Level 3, Retail Courtyard
201 & 207 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Nice courtyard

I'm starting to wonder if the moistness of chicken rice is dependent on when you visit the eatery. I have a theory the earlier you visit the more likely the chicken will still be moist and the later you visit the more likely it will be dry. The last time I visited Jaya the chicken rice was quite moist but today my colleage found it a bit on the dry side. They still provide a generous sized soup and the seating in the courtyard is a nice break on a sunny day from the busy city.

PROS: Quick service, Nice and quiet courtyard seating
CONS: Limited seating when wet weather
MUST TRY: Chicken Rice (on a good day)
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Hainan Chicken & Garlic Rice $8.50

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1 comment:

cameron said...

Look at all that chilli you have there! I might just give it a go since I'm quite close to the eatery in Inner West Sydney! Good excuse to come out of the Storage Warehouses for a quick break and fuel-up!

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