29 July 2009

Jaya Malaysian: Chicken Rice, Sydney (29 July 2009)

Maritime Trade Towers, Level 3, Retail Courtyard
201 & 207 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Chicken Rice Adventures

A recommendation by a reader on my recent post of Sayong's Chicken Rice sets me on a lunchtime adventure to find the Maritime Trader Towers and discover it's hidden Malaysian and Chinese takeaway within. It's one of those hidden places where you'd never know it was there unless you were told about it or worked in the offices above. The tranquil courtyard is surrounded above by tall glass buildings which mirror the sky and there's plenty of available seating. Friendly staff quickly serve you like an extended Asian family.

Now I've yet to come across a perfect chicken rice in Sydney because although it seems simple, so many things can go wrong in my books eg dry chicken, lack of taste, lack of ginger, awful soup, no garnish, small portions and too expensive. Jaya's version was recommended by a Hainanese reader but I think there's still room for improvement. I had the leg which was tender and moist but my colleague had the breast which was a bit dry. I liked the chilli and ginger sauce which packed a bit of a punch but the generous portion of rice lacked that distinctive gingery taste and was a little on the dry side. There was fresh cucumber and coriander garnish which was good to see. The soup broth had lots of flavour and included lots of choy sum which was great. Sayong for me still wins on chicken portion size, chicken moistness and rice yet Jaya wins on soup, chilli sauce and garnish. Combine the two and deliver it boneless with a side of bean sprouts and I think you've got a winner. I'd still like to come back to try their laksa and har mee.

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Hainan Chicken & Garlic Rice $8.50

Bone factor for leg – pretty good but a few shattered pieces.

Service Counter

Malaysian Menu

The Courtyard Seating

View of tower above courtyard

The Building
Tower building

Tower foyer

Down first set of escalators

Then down another set of escalators

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Anonymous said...

Hey Simon, thanks for trying it out. I'm surprised that it's not the best tasting Chicken Rice in Sydney as I've always travelled there just to eat that dish. But I'm also excited to learn of Sayong. I will definitely try it!

Shants said...

Not sure if you have already tried it but for sheer moistness of chicken you have to go to Parramatta to Temasek. Rice is ok but soup not that great. Still its all about the chicken for me. I know what you mean about the price factor though. My husband, the man of great simplicity relished a $2.50 meal of Chicken rice in Singapore at a place called "The Eating Place" for it's sheer lack of pretense.

hazchem said...

Simon, just came across your blog looking for more info on Jaya and noticed your question about where to try chicken rice next. Have you given Kopitiam on Harris Street in Ultimo a try? I _think_ they only have Chicken Rice on Sundays but may have expanded to having it Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I'm no expert but I find it very tasty and think its worth a try.

Simon Leong said...

Hi Anonymous, let me know what you think of Sayong, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Although I'm now actually a fan of Jaya because it's a great courtyard and they do a pretty decent job of the dishes I've tried so far.

Hi Shants, I've tried Temasek a while ago before my blogging days but I'll need to revisit. I wish Sydney was as cheap as overseas.

Hi hazchem, thanks for dropping by for a read of my blog. I have tried Kopitiam a while ago for chicken rice. It was pretty good and from memory I think they deboned it too which was good. If you get a chance try Jaya and Sayong and let me know your verdict.

jamesp said...

what's the vegetable used in the side dish broth called? it's not just cabbage is it...or is it a chinese vegatable?

Simon Leong said...

hi jamesp, i think it's just chinese broccoli or choy sum :-)

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