12 April 2009

Phamish: Vietnamese, Darlinghurst (9 April 2009)

Shop 109, 50 Burton St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

This very popular Vietnamese restaurant has found more spacious surrounds since it's original location down the road at the corner of 354 Liverpool Street Darlinghurst. It seems to still fill up by 6.30 pm with it's no booking policy and thankfully still make their popular Duck and Prawn Pancakes which would be one of the first to sell out at their previous venue on the specials menu. You pre-order and pay for your meals which means no waiting for bills when your ready to go. Unfortunately I find their seating not very comfortable but I'm suspecting this is to encourage people not to linger and stay for longer than they need to.

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Duck and Prawn Pancakes: Filled with roast duck, prawns and fresh Vietnamese herb $14 (2 pieces)

Crispy Blue Simmer Crab Dumplings: Crab dumplings, deep fried and stuffed with mushrooms, fresh baby corn and Vietnamese herbs $12

Sesame Lamb Fillets: Grilled lamb fillets with a garlic and hoi sin marinade, served with cucumber and cherry Tomato $18.50

Dining area

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Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

i love the name of the restaurant. haha.
the pancakes look really tasty!

Jen (jenius.com.au) said...

the duck and prawn pancake rolls look delicious! hard to tell how big they are from the photo though... is it relatively the same size as those Vietnamese rice paper rolls? if so, that's a mightly pricey roll! lol :)

Simon Leong said...

hi betty, the pancakes are a must have. i think it's one of their specialities.

hi jen, duck and prawn rolls are quite large so it's better value than a normal size Vietnamese rice paper roll. For a light meal you could have probably 2 of them and feel satisfied.
s :-)

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