23 June 2009

Pastizzi Cafe, Newtown (19 June 2009)

523 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042

Pastizzi, pasta and delicious garlic bread!

Except for The Original Maltese Cafe on Crown Street this is the only other place I know of in Sydney where you can find a large range of freshly cooked pastizzis. This popular cafe seems to have a few more pastizzi choices and serves up very decent sized pasta meals at reasonable prices. The large slices of garlic bread were very good and topped with plenty of garlic to scare away the vampires. I thought the rocket salad would be quite boring but it balanced the pasta and was so fresh it was like it had been freshly picked from the garden. The pastizzi is a great entree to fill the stomach while people are running late to dinner or as a general snack when your on a shopping spree.

My spaghetti marinara was tasty and filling and the seafood was mainly prawns and octopus although my favourite marinara is still possibly from the Clovelly Hotel which is linguini marinara with prawns, pippies, mussels, octopus, fish & squid in a tomato sauce with parmesan for $21. Everyone else was also happy with their pasta dishes and finishing them became a bit of a challenge after already eating pastizzi and garlic bread. For the lighter eaters an entree sized ravioli for only $9 was good value. You know your in Newtown when you walk by the interesting and creative/scary window displays of Shorties and Barbarella in the area.

Where do you go for your pastizzi fix in Sydney?

Pastizzi: Salmon, dill, ricotta pastizzi $1.80

Garlic bread $3.50 (2 pieces)

Large rocket salad $14

Risotto Pollo: Chicken, pine nuts, mushroom, onions in a pink sauce $16

Spaghetti Prawns: Prawns and rocket in a Napolitana sauce $15.90

Ravioli Ricotta $9 (entree size)

Tortellini in Chicken Broth $16.90

Ravioli Pumpkin and Ricotta with arrabiata sauce $9 (entree size)

Spaghetti Marinara $22

Chilli and parmesan


Pastizzi menu

Special menu board

Table lighting

Trays of freshly cooked pastizzis

Inside dining

Cute 'tippot'

No handle on toilet door — can be a bit hard to open when it's stuck!

Street view

Shorties window display

Barbarella Vintage Boutique window display

Wall graffiti on King Street

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Betty said...

The food looks great and pretty good value too :) I think I'll definitely have to pick up a pastizza when I'm on a shopping trip in Newtown!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I have never tried pastizza before... Definitely go try soon :)

geoff said...

risotto WIN!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

And here I was thinking that they just served pastizzis!

Stella Diver said...

Great photos! Prawn linguini was my pick of the night but it was a tough call. All the dishes were way above average for the price and flavour. Note that these guys used to own and run the Maltese Cafe on Crown St - legends!

YaYa said...

Love pastizzi but the pastas looked outstanding too. I'm afraid my nearest supplier is the frozen food section of my local supermarket. I'm going to have to head out to Newtown one day to try the real stuff.

MAJL said...

We were in Malta last December and loved pastizzi; can't wait to try it here!

Simon, do you have any other recommendations for the budget conscious food lover that does not eat at chains like McDonald's, etc.? At the top of our list right now are: Hole in the Wall, IKU, and David Jones. Any others you can recommend would be appreciated.



Simon Food Favourites said...

Hi Betty, they're some of the best you'll find

Hi Bean Sprout's Cafe, i challenge you to try one of each then

Hi Geoff, risotto was a winner indeed

Hi Lorraine, I thought the same thing

Hi Stella Diver, it was a tough call. they seem to be more popular than the crown st one now

Hi YaYa, your trip will be worth it and they sell frozen ones as well

Hi MAJL, I hope they are just as good here. I just reviewed The Big Rig Diner on Oxford St which was good. During lunchtime the city if full of food courts - Chifley Plaza has a cafe called Due Monde which serve quality ready made sandwiches for only about $6.50. Check my review of Collier's Sandwich Company too.

Chris Waghorn said...

I only ever go here for the Pastizzi as I'm always in a rush when I go, but having a look at what people say about it I'm definitely planning on going for a meal!

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