21 July 2009

The Golden Sheaf Hotel: Bar & Bistro, Double Bay (17 July 2009)

429 New South Head Road, Double Bay NSW 2023

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After a few quiet cocktails at Pink Salt it was time to check out the newly renovated Golden Sheaf and boy was it pumping with popularity. It seemed like everyone from Double Bay and the surrounding suburbs was here to enjoy it's large beer garden and bar areas. The new edition Deck Bar was very cool and provided many comfy seating areas for guests to choose. The Prawn Spaghettini from the Sheaf Bistro came with 6 large prawns and was tasty. The menu choices looked good and the kitchen seemed larger and more professional than what I previously remember.

Do you have a favourite beer garden in Sydney?

Other visits to The Golden Sheaf Hotel:
17 Oct 2009 - Twice cooked crisped skin half duck, Prawn spaghettini, Smoked lamb salad
17 July 2009 - Prawn spaghettini

Prawn Spaghettini, cured chilli, garlic, lemon, rocket and parsley $22

Sheaf Bistro

Back bar

Deck bar

Soda bar deck

Golden sheaf all lit up

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Gummi Baby said...

Do I detect that you did a lot more "drinking" than eating? He he! Love the mood captured in your photos!

Simon Food Favourites said...

Hi Gummi Baby, actually only had one glass of wine, or was that 2? hehe

Anonymous said...

Hmm,I think I might wait till the school hols are over - don't particularly like fighting for a spot with the barely legal types. And definitely not during weekends, when the bridge & tunnel types invade. Perhaps an early dinner before heading over to Pink Salt's happy hour! Gobsmack'd

chris, Syd Aust said...

wouldnt want anyone invading your precious eastern suburbs - protected species i guess.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi Gobsmack'd, actually not sure how many non Eastern Suburbs people make it all the way over to double bay. seems to be more a locals hang out.

hi chris, i usually find the northern beaches people tend to stay on the north, the shire people stay in the south and the easties stay in the east. saves on a lot of expensive taxi rides and everyone seems to think they live in God's country. I'm generalising of course :-)

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