08 June 2009

The First Drop: Cafe, East Redfern (7 June 2009)

69 Baptist Street, East Redfern NSW 2016

This popular café is set on the corner of two beautiful tree lined streets and both it's outside and inside dining areas were pretty full when I arrived just before midday. Eatability has quite a mixed review of the service and food and today my service waiter was friendly and helpful. I'm not a coffee expert but my cappuccino was very smooth and creamy and had pretty much no bitterness. I tend to put sugar in my coffees but could have happily drunk this cappuccino without sugar.

I was intending to just try the coffee after already eating earlier at Sonoma but was very much tempted by the ricotta pancakes I spotted on the specials menu. When they arrived I was very impressed with the generous size, presentation and topping of mixed berries but they were actually just normal pancakes I think with some ricotta smeared on top rather than the ones made with ricotta I've heard so much about at Bills and what I tried at Hunter Valley Cooperage based on Bills recipe. The three pancake high dish was a challenge to get through alone and could easily be shared by 2 people. It also needed more honey, which to me tasted more like maple syrup, because all the pancakes underneath didn't have any on it. I noticed another customer next to my table was asking for more honey when eating theirs.

Ricotta pancakes served with mixed berries and honey $15.95

Cappuccino $2.80

1 comment:

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

oooooo, they're so pretty. Too bad they weren't actually made with ricotta. It does look like a big serve, how romantic to be able to share with someone.....or an excuse to start a fight when the other person eats more than their fair share :P

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