08 August 2009

Mc Lucksa: Hainan Chicken Rice, Haymarket (5 August 2009)

Market City Shopping Centre, Level 3, Shop 9
9-13 Hay Street, Haymarket NSW 2000

Chicken Rice Adventures

A recent review about Mc Lucksa in the SMH Good Living prompts me to check out for their Chicken Rice instead of the laksa. Located in a huge food court it seems to be a popular place for their chicken rice as I notice other orders being served. I try the leg while my colleague tries the breast, both of which have tender meat. Mc Lucksa scores good points for garnish as they provide cucumber, tomato and coriander plus a spoonful of chilli/ginger and ginger/shallot sauce on top. There's a few splintered bones in the leg while the breast has no bones which is a preferable choice since the meat is moist. The Fried Radish Cakes was recommended by a friend which is tasty and I'm glad to have tried. If I get the time I'd like to try their Laksa, Char Kway Teow and Combination Ho Fun to see how they compare with other city eateries.

Other places tried for Chicken Rice:
Singapore Shiok!* - 29 Sept 2010
Malacca Straits - 23 Jan 2010
Yummy Chinese - 20 Jan 2010
Laksa House - 24 Sept 2009
Laksa King - 16 Sept 2009
Malaysian Food House - 18 Aug 2009
Malay-Chinese Takeaway - 6 Aug 2009
Mc Lucksa - 5 Aug 2009
Jaya Malaysian - 29 July 2009

Hainan Chicken (Leg) $8.50

Hainan Chicken (Breast) $8.50

Chilli and ginger toppings

Hainan Chicken Rice soup

Bone factor for leg - a few bone splinters

Fried Radish Cakes $8.80


Service counter

Food court dining

Mc Lucksa and food court located above Paddy's Markets

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Anonymous said...

in your photo of the menu above, i notice a dish that says "penang laksa". That looks a lot like Assam laksa and is described as sour. Have you tried the assam laksa from McLucksa?

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, i haven't tried there Penang Laksa but it does look very much like an Assam Laksa in the photo as you say. quite possibly it is. i think my favourite Assam Laksa is from Malay-Chinese at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon!
I have to thank you for saving my bacon tonight...I had a MAD craving for chicken rice (as an ex-s'pore expat) & headed to McLucksa, to my HORROR, it's closed! Must be for reno's, but no signage no nothing!!!! I googled chicken rice sydney & lo & behold your ace blog popped up, and I was able to tootle down the road to S'pore Shiok & satisfy the urge. Pretty great. Thank you!

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, glad you found your fix of chicken rice. During the day be sure to check out Sayong under Woolworths. that's one of their signature dishes along with the Hor Fun #1 :-)

TheLaksaBlog said...

Hey Simon, wow - the name rung a bell but I couldn't remember if I have been here until I saw the pictures! I have tried the laksa there since I used to eat around Haymarket a bunch, although we are talking at least 5 years ago now. To be honest i don't remember it being anything special, although it might be worth trying again next time I'm down that way.

Simon Leong said...

hi TheLaksaBlog, i've actually heard rumors this place might not be there any more. let me know if you find it or not when you return.

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