23 July 2009

Sayong Curry & Laksa Malaysian Cuisine: Chicken Rice, Sydney (22 July 2009)

LG Food Court, Pittsway Arcade
303 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Very Popular Chicken Rice

Thanks to Shez from One Bite More I think she's restored my faith in finding a decent Chicken Rice in the city which can sometimes be too dry and tasteless. Like Shez, I've also been to many others like Jimmy’s Recipe Malaysia (The Galeries Victoria) Malay-Chinese Takeaway (Hunter St) and BaBa Laksa House (Grace Hotel) but the very popular Sayong seems to deliver well on taste, size and tenderness — although where's those beloved slices of cucumber shown in their menu board?

Sayong is located downstairs in the Asian food court underneath Woolworths. I've had the Ipoh Fried Koay Teow from Sayong before which is pretty good too. While waiting for my chicken rice I noticed the majority of orders being served were actually chicken rice which is a good sign. I order the leg because I've often found the breast at other places a bit dry but I think I'll try the breast next time here so I can avoid the bones you usually get with a leg.

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Other places tried for Chicken Rice:
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Do you have a favourite place for chicken rice?

Chicken rice ($7.50)


Chilli and ginger sauce

Bones from the leg — might try breast next time.

Ipoh Fried Koay Teow ($7.80)

Visited - 30 March 2012
Ipoh Fried Koay Teow ($8.50) — decent wok hei and flavour throughout the dish. Make sure you request the green chillies with it

Chicken rice ($8) — fairly moist meat with flavoursome rice and condiments

Very popular choice for lunch time crowd

- - -

Counter service

Sayong in the background with people waiting for their orders

Food court seating is always busy

Walk down the stairs to Asian food court

Street entrance to arcade


aptronym said...

Have you tried the place to the left? They're not bad either!

Ken said...

You should try the Hainan Chicken at the MET Centre Food Court at Lee's Malaysian. I rate it.

clekitty said...

Ooh! I love chicken rice will definitely give this place a try. The skin on the chicken looks good. Do you know if they are open in the weekends?

Anita said...

I agree. Sometimes you just don't want to bother have to cut or eat around bones. I haven't tried chicken rice before, it looks so good, I'll have to give it a go soon.

Simon Leong said...

Hi aptronym, I haven't tried but will keep in mind for next time, thanks

Hi Ken, previously I've tried the Har Mee and Laksa at Lee's and a friend tried the chicken rice but they found it a bit dry last time, check out Sayong and see what you think to compare and I'll try and remember to try Lee's

Hi clekitty, not sure if they are open on weekends, I'm assuming not because I think it's more a working week food court but let me know if you find out otherwise

Hi Anita, I'll definitely try the breast next time. If it's as moist and tender as the leg meat then it should be ok.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon. I recommend the Malaysian takeaway at the Maritime building on Kent Street. You need to enter the building and go down the escalators. this place serves the best Hainanese Chicken rice - I know because I'm Hainanese. Let me know what you think!

Simon Leong said...

Hi Anonymous, sounds worth investigating, thanks for the food tip, I'll try and visit for lunch this week and check out :-)

Grace said...

that chicken rice looks deliciouss! I'm not really sure where pittsway arcade is though - when you say underneath woolworths you don't mean the town hall woolies do you?

and lol the malay laksa at hunter connection rocks! <3

Simon Leong said...

hi grace, yep it's near the woolworths town hall :-)

Unknown said...

This is definitely the best place in sydney for Chicken rice.

You have to ask for the hot chilli sauce for that extra zing...

Then pour all the juices into the rice after you have finished all the chicken...yummy.

Simon Leong said...

hi matthew, glad you agree. if you find anywhere better please let me know :-)

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