15 June 2009

Mado Cafe Restaurant: Turkish Ice Cream, Auburn (13 June 2009)

63 Auburn Road, Auburn NSW 2144

Venturing on from a very filling and yummy Turkish lunch at Impress Cafe I'm guided to this dessert cafe to try and fit in some Turkish ice cream. The ice cream is much tougher and chewier than normal ice cream and needs to be eaten with a knife and fork rather than a spoon. It's very delicious topped with crushed pistachio nuts and not overly sweet. One of the three small sweets which comes with the dish was baklava and the others I think variations of baklava. The turkish tea was a good way to wash down all the sugary goodness. Being a non coffee drinker I find the Turkish coffee a bit strong and gritty for my soft caffeine palate which is only used to the occasional mild and frothy cappuccino.

I only tried a little bit of the kazandibi which is like rice pudding and noticed it to be a favourite with Not Quite Nigella and Grab Your Fork in their past reviews. The reviews on Eatability seem to be very favourable in regards to the ice cream but there's mixed reviews about the service. The interesting decor is quite overwhelming and it's like walking into a museum and you can't help to feel immersed in the Turkish culture surrounding you.

Mixed sweet maras (3 piece mixed sweets with a serve of kesme maras) $10.50

Turkish ice cream so thick it needs to be cut with a knife

Cay (Turkish tea) $1.50

Turkish coffee $3


Inside dining surrounded by authentic Turkish decor

Menu items

Mado ice cream history lesson

Electric buggy driver spotted speeding towards Mado :-)

Sweets and desserts counter display

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YaYa said...

Wow! Fabulous photos, I will have to make the trip out to Auburn for this, my mouth is watering!

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