20 May 2009

Hole In The Wall: No. 4 Sandwich, Sydney (20 May 2009)

Ground Floor and Level 4
229 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

I found out today that some of the more popular sandwich menu choices ordered are numbers 6, 18 and 19 but I apparently ordered one of the least ordered sandwiches which is No. 4. Also No. 2 is another one of the least ordered which I've tried. It was so unrequested that my friendly sandwich maker had to check what was actually in it. It was quite nice although a bit more salt on the tomato and more pesto would have made it better for me or perhaps some olives to give it a bit more of a salt kick.

I've been recommended to try the grilled smoked salmon and egg on rye bread toasted which is apparently very popular as a breakfast order.

No. 4 Bocconcini, Pesto, Fresh Tomato, Mushrooms, Olive oil (optional) on Turkish bread toasted $8.90

The tiny shop counter on the ground floor


Anonymous said...

I used to go to this place a lot about 2 years ago. Most of the sandwiches I tried were great. They make things to order including one with pickled octopus, haloumi, artichoke and some other veges. I saw someone order this special one time, ordered it and it was amazing!

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

Looks like you're really working your way through the list, and even better when the sandwiches are tasty!

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