26 May 2009

Hole In The Wall: Sandwich No. 5, Sydney (26 May 2009)

Ground Floor and Level 4
229 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

A yummy sandwich option with the flavoursome Camembert cheese and the distinctive tasting alfalfa sprouts. This makes for my ninth type of sandwich from the menu board. I think the anchovy ones will have to reside to the days where I don't have any afternoon meetings.

No. 5 Roast Turkey breast, Cranberry sauce, Camembert cheese, Alfalfa sprouts on Turkish bread toasted $8.90

Watch a chess game nearby in Hyde Park


Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

haha. how many sandwiches do they have on offer? and is it your mission to try them all?! the turkish bread looks so good...

Simon Leong said...

you can make up any sandwich your heart desires but they have 20 sandwich suggestions on their menu board plus the tempeh burger makes 21 and that doesn't include the breakfast items. i'm definitely on a mission to try them all and then i'll probably start making up my own combinations.
s :-)

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