19 June 2009

Hole In The Wall: No. 20 Sandwich and Smoked Salmon with Egg, Sydney (18 June 2009)

Ground Floor and Level 4
229 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

If your after a spicy hit in your sandwiches then definitely order them with harissa at Hole In The Wall. Today I order No. 20 with red salmon. The flavours all work well and made for a very yummy sandwich. I tried my friends grilled salmon and egg sandwich which was from the breakfast menu. Fresh ingredients are always a winner and the capers she added gave it a much needed salty kick.

No. 20: Red Salmon, Avocado, Harissa, Olives & Kefalogriavyiera on toasted Turkish bread $8.90

Grilled smoked salmon and egg on toasted Turkish bread $8

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