09 June 2009

Thai Tha Poh, Surry Hills (8 June 2009)

666 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone: 9699 2829

This simple, cheap and cheerful Thai restaurant sits amongst the many eateries of Crown Street near Cleveland Street and was totally empty when arriving at 7.30 pm. In contrast I noticed that the nearby Thanh Long Vietnamese Restaurant was totally full so I was a little dubious if this empty Thai place would be any good.

I thought the tender and decent sized chicken satay was good value — nearly as large as my favourite ones you get from Tum Thai in Randwick. The Bag of Gold was perfectly wrapped with lots of filling and so cute. The Salty but Yummy wasn't as salty as I was expecting and unfortunately a tad on the cold and dry side when served. Fried rice was full of fresh vegetables and worked well with a good squeeze of the lime. Six plump prawns were in the Cashewy Prawn dish along with nice fresh vegetables. I enjoyed the taste of the shredded coconut which wasn't too overpowering like the coconut prawns I had at Newtown's Sumalee Thai in the Bank Hotel.

The service was friendly and welcoming and the restaurant felt very homely with it's large thick wooden dining tables and chairs. I later checked it's Eatability score of 8.4 after 8 reviews which makes it quite a favourable place so I'm assuming the cold weather and the Queen's birthday long weekend was just making it a slow night for them. By the way cans of soft drink from the fridge were a reasonable $2 each.

Satay: Thai Satay of tender chicken served with home-made peanut sauce $6 (3 pieces)

Bag of Gold: Home-made money bag, stuffed with minced pork, peanuts and sweet corn $3 each

Salty but Yummy: Deep fried marinated chicken mixed with fresh chili, shallots and cashew nuts $5

Fried rice with chicken and mixed vegetables $11.90

Cashewy Prawn: Stir-fried King Prawns with cashews, snow peas, asparagus, tomato and shredded roast coconut in our special sauce $16.90

Soy sauce and fresh chillies

Complimentary chocolates with bill

Special entree menu with special names

Spelling mistakes while you wait

Cute figurine greets you at the clean toilets

Napkin holder

Homely wooden dining tables


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

LOL Salty but yummy. The food looks pretty good there!

Rilsta said...

That's unusual to put sweet corn in the money bags!

Bruce said...

Your photos look lovely! This restaurant has closed and reopened as Saab Wer Thai Esan Restaurant at 105 King St, Newtown. It has a Facebook page, www.facebook.com/saabwer

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