05 September 2009

Golden Swallow: The Best Salt and Pepper Squid in the Universe?, Gordon (17 August 2009)

7 St. John's Avenue, Gordon NSW 2072

Squid Club Meetup

'The Best Salt and Pepper Squid in the Universe' is a bold claim but it's one that Get Big Little Kid and our good friend Pete who discovered the place more than 10 years ago stand by when they compare this dish to all other comers — it's the only dish they order at this place. This is my second visit since they introduced it to me about 2 years ago and I'd rank their Salt and Pepper Squid in my Top 5 favourites in Sydney. Also on my favourites for this lightly battered style is Pho 236 in Newtown and Palace Chinese Restaurant in the city. The cheap looking restaurant has been around for about 40 years and it sure doesn't seem to have changed since it opened. Don't expect much as some people have noted on Eatability, especially warm service and romantic lighting and atmosphere. Each bite sized piece of squid is lightly battered with a nice crisp while remaining tender inside. You'll find it topped with a decent amount of fried chilli and spring onions and if your lucky little tiny batter crispys — order it with rice and vegetables.

Squid Club:
First (& only) rule of squid club is ... you must only have squid w/ rice & veg on one plate.

Salt and Pepper Squid with rice and vegetables $9.50

Fresh chilli and soy sauce


Opening hours


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I went here a while back and whilst it was good, I can't say it was the best in the universe. try The Sardine Room's, that is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I like the salt & pepper chicken here too. Some might find it too dry compared to the squid but I like it better than the squid. I used to have either the squid or the chicken for lunch every Friday when I used work near there. If you order the main meal (doesn't come with rice) then you could ask for combination salt & pepper and you get chicken, squid and prawns together. Yum!

Simon Leong said...

hi lorraine, thanks for the recommendations. i've added to my wish list to try if I get the chance :-)

hi sydneyfoodie, i'll keep your suggestion in mind when I next visit Golden Swallow for Squid Club. thanks so much :-)

Y said...

You Squid Club members (Squiddies?) make me laugh! :)

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