06 September 2009

Pocket Bar: Wine, Cheese, Olives and Crepes, Darlinghurst (18 August 2009)

13 Burton Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

I love their olives!

It's been 2 months since my initial visit to Pocket Bar around the time it first opened and it's still one of the most interesting small bars in Sydney I've been to. Tonight I get to try some of the food along with a nice bottle of Mother's Milk Shiraz with friends. There's always something new to find in this bar which you might not have noticed the first time. Whether it's the random objects in the bar area, little army soldiers around the ceiling supports or how they use a playing card for your food order — this place is simply so visually cool in my books. The large olives on the cheese plate are so yummy which comes with 3 decent sized pieces of cheese — we had to ask for extra crackers to help finish it off. We cut up and share our freshly cooked crepes which are tasty and filling for our late night dinner.

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Cheese Plate: Jersey Brie, Tarago River Blue Orchid, Truffle Salami, Ocelli Testun Di Barolo and Marinated Olives $19

Field Mushroom & Spinach crepe $9.50

Field Mushroom & Spinach crepe $9.50

Smoked Salmon and Fresh Spinach $14

Egg, Ham, Swiss cheese, Tomato and Mushroom Crepe $15.50

Chocolate and Strawberries Crepe $9.50

Table order stand

Mother's Milk Shiraz $40 (bottle)

Savoury crepes menu

Sweet crepes menu

Random objects in service counter

Bar and lounge

Graphic wall decor

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LunaCafe said...

I love places like this: casual, homey, with great small plates for nibbling and enjoying a bottle of wine with one or more friends. Your pictures are wonderful. They really give me a sense of this lovely place. That savory omelette looks amazing. Thanks for sharing! ...Susan

sutros said...

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