20 September 2009

Jones the Grocer: Cheese Room, Woollahra (12 Sept 2009)

68 Moncur Street, Woollahra Sydney NSW, 2025

Cheesy Cravings

There's something special about visiting a fully stocked cheese room, if you like cheese of course. Not only does it usually smell wonderfully decadent but it makes me feel like I'm taking my senses to a little trip overseas because there's so many International cheeses on offer I've never tried. It's a lot more expensive than your local supermarket brands but if your only paying small amounts it can be an affordable splurge to try something different. Jones the Grocer has quite a large dedicated cheese room which is climate controlled and friendly staff to advise and help you cut your preferred slice of heaven. I usually prefer a good triple cream type of brie, a sharp tasty aged hard cheese and a mild blue which isn't too strong on the nose. If cheese if not your thing then there's plenty of other gourmet temptations on offer in the store.

Other stores for cheese:
Formaggi Ocello (13 Feb 2010)
Jones the Grocer (12 Sept 2009)
Simon Johnson (27 June 2009)

Gorgonzola Piccante $69 per kg

Fougerus $79 per kg

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Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

oh my god cheese. I could eat the whole room through.

Leona said...

did someone say CHEESE???

wow with all this food you eat manage to digest all this food! I want your metabolism! hehe

A cupcake or two said...

A cheese room?? I could spend hours in there. Delicious

Fouad @ The Food Blog said...

Hey Simon

If you like blue cheese, you must try Bleu de Bresse. I think Simon Johnson Stocks it. It's a french cheese inoculated with the same bacteria as Roquefort. Soooo good.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Lots of nice pictures but could you please tell us about the cheeses!? :)

pierre said...

Hi Simon
this is Pierre from Paris,France. your brie looks delicious but please do not eat this with crackers it breaks my french heart!!!:) can't you have a nice baguette?
if you do not know my blog please coem and see me I love creative food ! and somtimes i am funny but only in french !
and if you like blue cheese there 's nothing but Roquefort with the Brand Papillon ; when you taste it .. you cry...

Simon Leong said...

hi maria, i'd love to try all the cheeses but imagine how expensive that would be :-)

hi leona, i guess i have to take advantage of it while it lasts hehe

hi a cupcake or two, so many cheese so little time

hi sydneycider, thanks for the cheese tip. will look out for it next time.

hi lorraine, i'm no expert on cheese but what i tried was very nice. the brie was more creamy and had more taste than what you'd get in a packaged supermarket variety (but that wouldn't be too hard i guess because many of them are quite tasteless and a bit plastic like) and the blue cheese had a decent bite to it that wasn't as overpowering as Roquefort which i find just a bit too much for my taste buds but can still appreciate it.

hi pierre, i guess in Australia we're brought up on cheese and crackers but i know what you mean about eating a baguette with the cheese which is traditional in France. to really appreciate the taste of the cheese i sometimes just have it by itself. looks like a great blog you have, so many amazing looking dishes, well done :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, Next time you're at Jones'or Simon Johnson make sure you try the morbier. Its a truly wonderful cheese. I can never have too much of it. Or the Pont L'Eveque brie but only if its super ripe. Just heaven.


Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, thanks for the cheese tips. i'll look out for morbier. i've tried the Pont L'Eveque i think last xmas. was nice but possibly a bit on the nose for me, i guess it must have been ripe hehe :-)

Anonymous said...

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