19 September 2009

Ching-a-lings: Small Bar, Darlinghurst (10 Sept 2009)

133 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Hidden Rooftop Bar

Blink and you'll miss the small doorway entrance to this funky little small bar on Oxford Street, not via Little Oxford Street anymore, which has only been open (or is that reopened) for 2 weeks. Nice feature lighting including a cage full of light bulbs gives this bar a cosy and groovy atmosphere. The renovated rooftop courtyard has wooden seating for chilling out and taking advantage of sunny days and balmy nights. Wine and bottled beer choices seemed limited but an impressive array of spirits and liqueurs is on show. It's a pity the wine is served in a tumbler glass though — it just doesn't seem to taste the same but I guess it might be easier for them to collect and stack the empties and storing them at the bar perhaps, it is a small bar after all. I hear they also have a BBQ and Beer event on Sunday afternoons. The security bouncer was welcoming and friendly upon entering which was a relief and nice change from a bouncer with attitude or a pretentious elitist with a clipboard in hand — I hope it remains that way. Check out their Facebook group for more reviews and news articles about their plight with setting up the small bar in the first place when they were using Little Oxford Street as an entrance.

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The lounge area

The light feature

The roof courtyard

The wines

The Bar

The DJ

The name

The former entrance

The entrance

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