13 September 2009

Lumiére: Cafe and Patisserie, Surry Hills (29 August 2009)

Shop 13, 425 Bourke Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Not so impressed with salads

This cafe is located in the St Margarets precinct opposite the wonderful Object gallery and is well positioned to take advantage of the afternoon sunshine. The salads ordered are generously portioned but I found the dishes a bit all over the place on the taste buds and not as satisfying as hoped. The balsamic dressing on my grilled lamb salad was a little heavy tasting for me although the lamb itself tasted quite nice. For about the same price I'd rather be enjoying the salads and dishes for brunch at Cafe Sopra which I find more refined in quality, freshness and taste. Perhaps I should have tried the ricotta hotcakes as mentioned by SMH Good Living if they still are on the menu. The service was friendly enough although perhaps a little too friendly and familiar with each other as they gossiped and joked about to themselves which became a bit distracting and less professional from the customers point of view. I've heard some positives about their muffins and pastries so I'll have to keep this in mind for next time if I happen to visit again.

Grilled lamb salad with roasted pumpkin, couscous, fetta, field mushrooms, mixed leafs and balsamic vinaigrette $17

Crispy pancetta salad with asparagus, parmesan, croutons, aoili and soft boiled egg $16

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Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I just went there today and had ricotta hotcakes .. not so impressive.. but hot mocha and hot chocolate are worth to try.. also lovely flaky chocolate croissant.. wanna try more pastries

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