13 September 2009

Paddington Arms Hotel: Pub Bistro, Paddington (27 August 2009)

384 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW 2021

Tasty Lamb Souvlaki

Reasonably priced pub food is usually the order if I'm out and about visiting the latest gallery openings on Thursday nights. Paddington Arms Hotel has been a reliable haven for such a thing. I'm usually a fan of the basic rump steak for my protein but after trying the Lamb Souvlaki for the first time makes me think I might order it instead next time. It was tender and tasty and came with 5 generous stick portions — although I'm thinking I'd probably crave the hot chips which comes with the steak.

Other visits to the Paddington Arms Hotel:
27 August 2009 - Lamb Souvlaki, Rump Steak
11 June 2009 - Prawn Linguine Pasta, Chicken Schnitzel
23 April 2009 - Rump Steak, Salt & Pepper Squid

Lamb Souvlaki with warm pitta bread, tzatziki and greek salad $16.50

Rump steak with chips and salad $13.50

Dining and bar area

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