20 September 2009

Menya Noodle Bar: Ramen, Sydney (11 Sept 2009)

Shop 2, 1 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Much better the second time

The first and previous time I visited this place I had the terrible experience of finding a long wire in my ramen soup from possibly a cleaning brush I think or can. The chef was very apologetic and cooked me another one straight away although ever since I've been very reluctant to revisit. But I'm glad I have because today's catchup lunch with friends is a much better experience and everyone was very happy with their meals. It's a highly popular lunch spot so timing and luck is everything in grabbing a table. The Menya Ramen tonkotsu is much more to my liking than the Gumshara version which I found way to heavy in collagen but I know it has it's fans. Service is friendly and efficient and the Menya box deals seem to be pretty good value which I might try next time.

Other places visited for ramen:
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Menya Ramen tonkotsu $9.90

Prawn tempura $3.50

Menya box Teriyaki chicken with green salad, rice and miso soup $10.90

Menya box Tori kara-age deep fried chicken with green salad, rice and miso soup $10.90

Teriyaki chicken ramen miso $11.90

Teriyaki chicken ramen shuyo $11.50


Brenda said...

Mmmmm it all looks so good. Glad you went back and gave them another chance : )

aptronym said...

Agree with second chances. I like Menya City (as opposed to Menya Haymarket) but yes my tonkotsu heart belongs to Gumshara :)

Madam Wu said...

Yum yum! The teriyaki chicken ramen with miso was good but shoyu would probably work better as a soup base, being lighter and all.

penny aka jeroxie said...

Friends rave about this and so I decided to try it when i was in Syd. To be honest I was a tad disappointed. The flavour was good but I felt a little too thirsty from the MSG.
If I do go back to Syd, I may give it another shot :)

Simon Leong said...

hi brenda, i'm glad i gave it a second chance too, i think it's a good thing to try and do. usually the second time is much better if the first time was really bad, unless it's a really bad place, then there wouldn't be a third time.

hi aptronym, good luck with the Gumshara, i hope your arteries hold up ok :-)

hi madam wu, i think i might have preferred the shoyo as well as the soup base when i tried. thanks for suggesting the place

hi penny aka jeroxie, it's a pity about the MSG if it's used. I'm not sure if i'm affected too much by it but i do know friends that get headaches if they have MSG. so many places seem to use it if they don't say they don't i guess.

eric said...

'@penny I think you should never set yourself up too much for food in Sydney. You never know what you're going to get on any particular day unless you're going to a reputable (starred) restaurant. Always go in with an open mind and hope to be surprised pleasantly :)

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