17 September 2009

Pieno: Breakfast, Surry Hills (5 Sept 2009)

Shop 11, 285A Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Great spot for breakfast

Pieno has only been opened for about 2 months and joins the many other cafes on Crown Street which entices the weekend brunch punters. It's in the same new precinct area of the new Gazebo Wine Garden which opened just this week and one of my favourite gourmet grocers Thomas Dux Grocer which seems to have also recently opened another outlet here. The well portioned Veggie Big Breakfast is great and a side of bacon helps to satisfy the pork cravings. I really liked how they cooked the potato rosti which had a nice smokey taste. The Chicken Schnitzel with Italian coleslaw and aioli sandwich was a winner as well — deceptively quite filling for it's size due to probably the rich aioli. I found the service was friendly and professional and the cafe's open plan takes full advantage of a sunny day. The funky looking seats are an interesting touch although I didn't quite find them very comfortable to sit on for a long period of time.

Veggie Big Breakfast $14.50 with Bacon $3

Veggie Big Breakfast – spinach and tomato chutney

Veggie Big Breakfast – poached eggs

Veggie Big Breakfast – potato rosti

Chicken Schnitzel with Italian coleslaw and aioli sandwich $11

Orange Apple Grapefruit Juice $5


Funky seating


aptronym said...

Have walked past it and wondered! Thanks for the menu photos in particular, very helpful. The chairs def don't encourage one to hang around for long...

Anonymous said...

Great little cafe! Fantastic coffee!

Simon Leong said...

hi aptronym, glad the menu pics help. i think you'll like this place. they seem to really know what they are doing in terms of food and service.

hi anonymous, great to hear they have good coffee.

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