19 September 2009

Chophouse: New Chocolate Block Flavours, Sydney (7 Sept 2009)

25 Bligh Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Spring menu begins

Before dinner I try the very interesting barside dish of pork scratching. Sounds like what pigs do if they're trying to escape from the farm but it's actually small strips of skin which is then flash fried which makes it blister up in size like a prawn cracker. They reminded me of a combination of styrofoam, bubble wrap and pop rocks but in a good way of course because they made this bursting super crunchy popping sound that echoed in my mouth as I ate them — the seasoning made them very tasty. Sadly the $18 Roast Dinner Menu has now finished so it looks like no more of that delicious pork crackling for a while but the Spring Daily Dishes are about to start on the 10 September. Tonight is only the standard menu but there's still so many yummy choices to choose from.

I order the Glazed Beef Short Rib with house-made BBQ sauce which beautifully falls off the bone and was tender. Get Big Little Kid goes for his beloved Mushroom & Spinach Risotto which hits the spot. Everyone was very pleased with their mains and the Cauliflower Gratin was probably my favourite tasty side dish of the night. Chophouse has introduced 2 new flavours for their chocolate blocks which are theatrically chopped at the table. Even though we were all full from dinner, the assistant restaurant manager Peter Goff gave us a complimentary block of each to try which we managed to find room for in our dessert stomachs. Both were good additions to the dessert menu and I really liked the texture of the rocky road.

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7 Sept 2009 - Pork Scratchings, Minute Steak of Wagyu, Crumbed pork chop, Rangers Veal Rib, Crisp Skin Wild River Barramundi, Mushroom & Spinach Risotto, Glazed Beef Short Rib with house-made BBQ sauce
28 May 2009 - Roast Dinner: Riverine Premium Beef and Byron Bay Berkshire Pork with Crackling, Char-grilled lamb shoulder chops

House made pork scratching with spiced salt $6.90

Pork scratching before being cooked at high temperature

Soy and linseed sourdough bread

White sourdough bread

Minute Steak of Wagyu with cafe de Paris butter 180g South-East QLD, cross breed of Australian cattle & Tajima, 400-500 days grain-fed, topside, served medium $19.90

Crumbed pork chop, sage & hazelnut with apple sauce 320g Otway Range, South-West VIC Grain-fed 6-7 months, hormone free $26.50

Rangers Veal Rib on the bone 250g with chutney & jus, Northern Rivers NSW, milk-fed 8-10 months $27.90

Crisp Skin Wild River Barramundi, baby leeks, ligurian olives & salsa verde $28.50

Mushroom & Spinach Risotto tallegio, parmesan & extra virgin olive oil $24

Glazed Beef Short Rib with house-made BBQ sauce 350g, Riverine District NSW, Angus-Hereford Cross, 150 days grain-fed, slow cooked $29.50

Shoestring fries $6.90, Seasonal Green Beans with herb butter $7.90

Chinese Broccoli shitake, soy & truffle $6.90

Cauliflower gratin sourdough, gruyere & parsley $7.90

Chophouse Swiss milk chocolate block with Jaffa top deck 80g $6.90

Chophouse Swiss milk chocolate block with rocky road 80g $6.90

2008 Wither Hills Sauvignon Blanc $9.50, 2007 Mitchelton Shiraz $10

Sydney water

The bill


Salt and pepper

Barside menu

Wine menu



aptronym said...

Love the look of the Minute Steak, fries and the risotto! That was really nice of them to give you the chocolate blocks. I keep on reading about chophouse but have yet to make it there.

Catherine said...

Love the water glasses! (I have a fetish for round glasses)

Andrew W said...

Okay, now I NEED to try that jaffa chocolate.

Simon Leong said...

hi aptronym, i think you'll like it if you get a chance to visit.

hi catherine, i though they were pretty cool too :-)

hi andrew w, i think you need to try it too. you don't have to dine to have it as well because they sell all their chocolates in packs for take away as well.

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