22 December 2009

Plan B: Most blogged Wagyu Beef Burger in Sydney (21 Dec 2009)

204 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Most blogged Wagyu Burger

It's only 4 days till Christmas and I've finally managed to get the time to visit this hole in the wall café called Plan B by Becasse to try their much loved and blogged 600-day grass fed wagyu beef burger. Mentioned in TimeOutSydney and blogged by Grab Your Fork, Here Comes The Food, Not Quite Nigella, Eat Show and Tell and The Food Blog with good reviews I really needed to get this one out of the system and see what all the fuss was about. I'm joined by Music Munchies Review whose happy with the pre-packed Chicken and Pesto Salad. It miraculously expands somewhat when placed on a plate and is very tasty with quite a rich dressing. The service area is tiny, hence hole-in-the-wall, and with busy lunch time crowds it can get a bit crazy in such a confined space so patience is a virtue. It actually felt quite chaotic and if you don't have a table organised it can be quite stressful waiting for one with everyone else eyeing off the seated diners — a ticketed queue system would actually be most welcomed.

While waiting for the Wagyu Beef Burger to arrive which took around 20 minutes we thankfully found a table in time. I enjoyed the tasty burger and found it quite filling with it's fairly large meat patty. If your not keen on waiting you can pre order via a form from their website. And if your looking for hot chips on the side I think you'd have to go past the nearest McDonalds as it doesn't seem to be on the menu.

Prepping for burger time!

600-day grass fed wagyu beef burger with beetroot and caramelised onions $10

Chicken and Pesto salad $10

Time check ordering — actually was more 12.50 pm

Time check delivery — actually was more 1.09 pm

TimeOut Sydney in window display


Specials menu

Service counter


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it too :) It is great value for 10 dora esp with such a good brioche bun but I want to try other ones and compare heh

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

I'm yet to experience their burger either; it's so hard to find the time or patience! LOL. No chips? Tsk tsk. No wonder I haven't been yet!

Trissa said...

This place is so close to where I work I am ashamed to admit I haven't been here yet! I need to get out more often - in the meantime I'll just drool over your food pics!

Shanks said...

Mmmm it looks mighty tasty. Thanks for the tips.

YaYa said...

haha, so funny even the menu says the burger is "famous"! I love the beetroot on the bun but the meat is the best!

Forager said...

It's pretty delicious isn't it? Can't beat the value for money!

Amy @ cookbookmaniac.com said...

That burger looks so amazing. So juicy and greedy-person-sized! Just looking at it makes me so hungry. Fantastic photos!

Simon Leong said...

hi ffichiban, good luck in trying other ones. looking forward to hearing all about them.

hi joey, burger and chips go hand in hand but because the shop front doesn't actually have a kitchen i guess this is why it's not possible. i believe the burgers come from the becasse kitchen.

hi trissa, sounds like a new years resolution for you :-)

hi shanks, hope you get to try soon.

hi yaya, i love beetroot on a burger too. so Australian!

hi forager, it is pretty good value i guess for wagyu. hoping to try Alliance across the road in the new year too.

hi cookbookmaniac, thanks for reading my blog. hope you get to try one day :-)

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