20 December 2009

Jimmy's Recipe Malaysia: Seafood Laksa, Sydney (16 Oct 2009)

The Galeries Victoria, Ground Floor
Shop RC16, 500 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Silky Seafood Extender

It looks like Jimmy's has undergone a decor and menu renovation since I visited last time and there's doesn't seem to that tacky sign outside saying 'Best Laksa in Sydney'. For some strange reason I really enjoy their smooth tasting seafood extender (surimi) in their seafood laksa which unravels like wide fettuccine. It soaks up the laksa broth which has good depth of flavour. Menu prices are good value and after Malay-Chinese they would be my next favourite place in the city to get a laksa.

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Seafood laksa $8.50

Seafood extender closeup

Chicken laksa $7.50



ufoolme said...

There is better Laksa in Sydney, something about this one isn't that authentic. I can't remember the exact places name, but it has Laksa in the title and is cheaper too... Its on a road that is crosses george st.
I tried out the campise Malaysian place today, it was pretty good!
You should try this place in Ashfield, its just as good if not better. Its right next to the station, on the westfield side, across from the chemist. Its might not look like a restaurant, but more a take away place. Go in the Chef's name is Kevin and its got some good grub. Doesn't open on Sunday's, and closes after the peak hour trains come in. Still its my favourite Mayalsia at the mo'

Simon Leong said...

hi ufoolme, if you find out the place please let me know. my preferred favourite is Malay-Chinese on Hunter St. Glad you liked the Campsie place. I hope to return again one day. I've heard of the place in Ashfield. Sort of a dodgy milk bar look but supposed to serve up a decent Har Mee which was mentioned in Good Living one time. I'll have to check it out one day too :-)

Selina said...

Ahh the Laksa here is amazing!! One of my faves. I think I've also had the laksa the previous commenter speaks of...I also don't recall the name, but the place was really dodgy looking.

Unknown said...

Hi Simon could you review To's Malaysian restaurant on Miller St in North Sydney, next door to Dick Smiths. I'd like to hear your comparison with Jimmy's Recipe.


Simon Leong said...

hi jeremy, i've been to To's a while ago. i think the broth was a bit more coconut and lighter from memory although perhaps i need to revisit. :-)

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