30 December 2009

BINGAY with Mitzi Macintosh: Sly Fox Hotel, Enmore (27 Oct 2009)

199 Enmore Road, Enmore NSW 2042
Every Tuesday night
7:30 pm for an 8.30 pm start. Bookings must be seated by 8.20 pm.
Bookings: (02) 9206 2110 (24hrs) or 0413 510 172

A barrel of laughs

If you're not easily offended and open minded then this event could possibly be the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Mitzi Macintosh is hilarious and sharp-witted and the barrel girl Naomi Palmer is a great singer — they'll keep you entertained throughout the night. Whenever the number '54' is drawn it's Studio 54 drink time for Mitzi (pictured above) — I lost count of how many times she had to scull down the rest of her alcopop, but that's the rules! Bingo cards are bought to raise money for ACON and the game rules are available for first timers. At first I was overwhelmed with all the rules and game variations but Mitzi will talk you through the games and after a couple of goes it becomes a lot easier to follow — which then allows your competitive nature to reveal itself.

There are lots of prizes up for grabs including bacon wave racks, bottles of wine, fluffy cushions and even tickets to theatre events if you're lucky enough to pick a special numbered prize. Complimentary bowls of Twisties, Cheeseballs, pretzels, cheese and crackers were provided as snacks during the first half of the night and later in the night ham roulettes and sugary cakes were offered — best to have an early dinner or you'll get quite hungry as it's a late night. The most important rule of the night is to remember to shout out 'BINGAY' not 'BINGO' or you'll be made to wear a very embarrassing head piece. I was happy to see one of my favourite sparklings Henkell Trocken is only $6.50 at the bar which will get you in the mood for a fun night.

Mitzi Macintosh and barrel girl Naomi Palmer

Prizes up for grabs

Henkell Trocken $6.50

Cheeseballs and Pretzels


Cheese and Crackers

Homemade chocolate brownie

White chocolate crackle

Ham roulette

Prizes won

Tasty cakes

Flashdance DVD and facial lotion

A winning game

6 game card

Game rules

Marker pens


SoRMuiJAi said...

This looks like so much fun! Do you remember how much it is per game?

Simon Leong said...

hi SoRMuiJAi, thanks for stopping by my blog. i think it was $10 for the half sized card and $15 for the full card. the full card has all numbers while the half card doesn't have all the numbers so possibly it's harder to win. the full card is also organised better to follow the numbers being called out. hope this helps and good luck if you go :-)

SoRMuiJAi said...

Thanks! I've already started to organise a big outing with my friends! I can't wait! sounds like great fun! hehehe

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