27 December 2009

Carman's Rounds: Classic Fruit & Nut (17 Oct 2009)

Rounds vs Muesli Bites

Shortly after posting a review of the Carman's Muesli Bites I received some of Carman's Rounds Classic Fruit & Nut to try. These are twice as large than the Bites and much more moist and soft. I actually prefer these to the Bites and it didn't take long to finish them off as a morning and afternoon tea snack at work.


Anonymous said...

These Rounds have been my favourite special treat for a couple of years.

But Carman's have recently (Nov 11) changed the manufacturer for their Rounds. The new Classic Fruit & Nut ones aren't (in my opinion) a patch on the old ones.

They are disc-shaped which is less appealing, have a harsher spicy taste and feel much lighter.

I simply don't like the new ones.

Sad but true. I wrote to Carman's and they were honest enough to tell me that the changes were not of their choosing.

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, thanks for the update. that's interesting to hear that the changes were not of their choosing. i would have thought they would have complete control over their product. perhaps in time it'll come back to what you prefer if lots of other people email them about it?

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