30 December 2009

Concordia Club: German Pork Knuckle and Deep Fried Camembert, Tempe (25 Oct 2009)

Mackey Park, Richardsons Crescent, Tempe NSW 2044

‘Hot Love’ in German Club

When I think German I think pork knuckle and thankfully it's on the specials menu to try. There's a fair bit of crackling on it but I'm always looking for more. It's a generous size of meat presented with a knife which becomes a challenge to finish — probably because I ate too many yummy Deep Fried Camembert which are ever so bad for you. Our dining party were keen for some 'Hot Love' on the dessert menu (warm cherries over ice cream and cream) but unfortunately was sold out for the day. So we had to be satisfied with the free retro looking German romance novels translated from the likes of Mills & Boon. Somehow I don't think the German Concordia Club has changed much over the years but for authentic beers, friendly service and affordable German food it seems to be a good place to appreciate the culture.

Gebackener Camembert: Deep fried camembert on Lettuce $8

Pork knuckle with potato and red cabbage $22

German beer Spaten $5 schooner

Rump steak with chips and salad $16


Dessert menu including 'Hot Love'

Specials menu

German beers on tap

A spot of croquet

Free German romance novels

German grocery supplies

Dining area

Slightly creepy dolls

Outdoor seating


Stefan said...

Very good article and great informations. German Food is really outstanding! I enjoyed to read this! Thank you.

Simon Leong said...

hi stefan, thanks for reading the blog and hope you get to try the hot love when your next at the concordia club :-)

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