05 December 2009

Sarina and Jordan Wedding Reception: Eastern Suburbs Rugby Union Club, Bellevue Hill (1 Nov 2009)

Wedding: The Arthur McElhone Reserve, Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011
Reception: O'Sullivan Road, Bellevue Hill, NSW 2023

An English garden tea party

So who has been to a wedding involving soft fluffy white bunnies, a vintage London double decker bus, soft serve ice creams, doilies, Pimms, mushy peas and scones all in one day? I have :-)

The wedding ceremony was at the tranquil harbour view gardens of The Arthur McElhone Reserve which was also very popular with local sunbathers who needed to be politely vacated from the reserved spot for the cute little white bunnies which marked out the wedding aisle. After the beautiful ceremony many of the guests boarded a vintage London double decker bus to transfer them to the reception. At the reception all the guests were greeted with a soft serve ice cream van in the parking lot to tempt them with refreshing and yummy ice creams of their choice — I loved my Choc Nut!

The wedding reception was decked out with spring garden colours of green, pink and white through abundant paper doilies, roses and ribbons. Guests started with refreshing glasses of Pimms with dry ginger ale, lemon and cucumber which went down very easily — I lost count of how many of these I enjoyed. Dainty white bread salmon sandwiches, grilled prawns and pork belly canapés were served along with the more traditional English themed Yorkshire pudding, fish and chips, Cornish pasties and pies with mushy peas. For dessert the freshly creamed sponge wedding cake went down a treat along with the tasting dessert platter of jam rolls, lemon sorbet, fresh strawberries and scones with cream and jam. Plenty of seasonal fruit salad followed with traditional minced fruit pies to finish off my stomach that rolled out the door back home. It was a wonderful day with perfect weather that I thoroughly enjoyed in supporting two of the most caring and down-to-earth friends I have the pleasure in knowing.

The wedding

The bus transfer

The Soft Serve Icecream

Freckles vs Choc Nut

The reception

The food
Pimms with dry ginger ale, lemon and cucumber

Salmon sandwich

Grilled prawns

Pork belly

Bacon with roasted tomato mini burger

Yorkshire pudding

Vegetable pastie

Lamb pie with mushy peas

Fish and chips

Wedding cake

Dessert platter of jam rolls, lemon sorbet, fresh strawberries and scones with cream and jam

Scones with jam and cream

Fruit salad

Fruit minced pie

The decorations


isyaantonius said...

OMG, ur friends wedding does sound & look really good. It seems soo understated elegant n lots of fun. Btw, Lov ur blogs ...

YaYa said...

I love your friends' originality and creativity in celebrating their special day, how refreshing! Thanks for letting us share it.

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

What a cool wedding! The bunnies are so cute! Love the little pork belly morsel ....

Simon Leong said...

hi isyaantonious, was a very fun day full of cool surprises. thanks for reading and commenting on my blog, much appreciated :-)

hi yaya, your so right. i think their creativity and sincerity shined through on the day to make everyone feel part of the special day.

hi joey, i wanted one of those bunnies for myself they were so cute hehe. i've never seen that used before but was a very cool idea.

Sue Mattson said...

What a creative idea! From the vintage London double decker bus to the soft serve ice cream and the white BUNNIES!! Everything's so cute and unique! How I would love to have a wedding theme like this. I had my wedding reception on our beautiful Japanese garden. My brother contracted a San Diego tent rental company to install a frame tent which included the flooring and the stage. It was a lovely and an intimate wedding reception, though.

In addition, one of the tent rental Sacramento staff I spoke with was very helpful for guiding us to the best and most affordable tent rental company.

Anyhow, I so love your blog. The photos of the food look so appealing and delicious! Keep posting!

Simon Leong said...

hi sue, thanks for dropping by and making a comment. it's the small details at a wedding that will always get noticed by the guests. your wedding sounds great. it fantastic when it all comes together well on the day. thanks for the blog encouragement. happy eating :-)

Sue Mattson said...

Sure thing, Simon.
For me, it's like a miracle how it all comes together on the day of the wedding while hours before that I can see tragedy and imperfections... LOL

Happy eating to you as well!

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