04 December 2009

Seahorse: Seafood & Italian Restaurant, Randwick (14 Oct 2009)

26 Pauls Street, Randwick NSW 2031

Freshly made pasta in The Spot

Celebrating my mum's 64th birthday brings the family to an Italian restaurant in The Spot which has been recommended by our local barber whose been going for years. We over indulge with many of the seafood dishes and the pasta is apparently freshly made daily. The prawns are nice and large and there's an abundance of them in the Linguine Seahorse. Entree sizes for the pasta are generous as one would hope for an Italian restaurant although I was expecting more seafood vareity in my Fettucine Marinara which mainly came with prawns, fish and I think scallop but no mussel to be found and possibly calamari. I find out they get their gelato from Pure Gelato in Croydon Park which has nice tasting flavours. I believe their Olympia cake is possibly from Cuisine Patisserie in Rose Bay. They make a nice coffee to end the meal. We're all pretty happy with our meals and the service was nice.

PROS: Nice service, homemade pasta
CONS: Parking limited
TRY: Linguine Seahorse with Prawns, Atlantic salmon and scallops, Gelato
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Jumbo Prawns: Filled with tropical fruit and pinenuts, fried in a light beer batter with curry mayo on the side $16.90

Char-grilled Octopus: Served with mixed salad, lemon, and balsamic dressing $16.90

Fresh shucked Sydney rock oysters Natural $26.90

Char-grilled King Prawns topped with garlic lemon butter $18.50

Fettucine Marinara: Fettucine pasta and a selection of seafood in Napoli sauce $15.90 entree size

Fritto Misto: A selection of ocean fresh seafood tossed in flour and lightly fried. Served with chips, lemon wedges and sweet chilli sauce on the side $23.90

Vitello Alla Griglia: Veal grilled with scallop potatoes and English spinach $19.90

Barramundi Fillets: grilled and finished with a creamy Sydney rock oyster sauce, served with scallop potatoes and steamed broccoli $25.90

Linguine Seahorse: Prawns, Atlantic salmon and scallops in a white wine sauce with a touch of Napoli sauce - no cream $21.90 main size

Olympia: Layers of nut meringe with chocolate ganache in the middle, covered with rich coffee cream and smothered in flaked almonds $10.90

Tiramisu homemade $10.90

Mixed Gelato of Hokey Pokey, Raspberry, Hazelnut and Vanilla $10.90

Cappuccino $3.50

Mocha $3.80

Complimentary after dinner mints

Secret Stone sauvignon blanc 2008 Marlborough NZ $35 bottle


joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

What a coincidence! I was there last night for a meeting, and our experiences can't be more different. I thought the food was terrible (I had the Moreton Bay Bugs entree and the Grilled Swordfish for the main), and I felt ripped off.

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, that sounds terrible. i've been again and had the penne balmain bug but there wasn't as much bug meat as hoped. i've still to blog about it. have you been to pinnochio's in the spot? wondering what you think apart from being really bad on the acoustics when it's crowded :-) similar prices i think.

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Hi Simon. Last night was the first time I've been to The Spot in about six years! LOL. I walked around and saw about 200 Thai restaurants and did notice Pinocchio's, so if I'm there next time I'll give it a go. Some of the Thai places look quite okay. As for the acoustics at Seahorse, I was there at 5.30 so there weren't that many people, so I can't give a judgement on that. Can't wait to see your second post about Seahorse when you get around to it.

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, hehe, 200 thai restaurants! i thought it was closer to 300 actually HEHE. thailand has moved to THE SPOT. actually last time i wanted to dine at pinocchio's it was so loud i could hardly hear myself speak so we decided to leave just after being seated and went to seahorse instead for a far more relaxing volume. it's a shame because i've like pinocchio's food so far.

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