30 December 2009

Ocean Heart Seafood: Fisherman's Basket, Brighton-Le-Sands (30 Dec 2009)

367 Bay Street, Brighton-Le-Sands NSW 2216

Thin and crispy batter

It's so refreshing to come across a fish n chip shop which does a nice thin and crispy batter which isn't too oily — Ocean Heart Seafood seems to have got it right. I order the Small Fisherman's Basket so I can try a few things. From the first bite of the seafood stick I was impressed with the thinness of the batter. The prawn cutlets were battered rather than the usual crumbing — it was good to see there was more prawn than batter on these. The crumbed calamari rings were also pretty large and tender with a tasty coating. The flavoursome BBQ Octopus was marinated in plenty of garlic amongst other things — thankfully not too rubbery as well. The small greek salad was quite small especially when the pieces of salad are cut quite large but it's good to see they managed to put a bit of everything in it. I noticed on the awards wall that they don't use animal fat which sounds like a good thing for the waistline.

Small Fisherman's Basket: 3 calamari rings, 2 fish cocktails, 1 seafood stick, 2 prawn cutlets and chips $10.50

BBQ Octopus $7.90 small

Greek salad $3.20 small

Service counter



Window display

Awards wall

Note: Website should say 367 not 376 Bay Street :-)

Brighton-Le-Sands beach just down the road

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isyaantonius said...

Hi Simon, I've always passed this place but never tempted to try, but after reading ur reviews, will definitely try it asap ;)
Also I would like to wish u a safe new years eve and a very happy new year 2010...
Your blogs always makes me hungry :)

YaYa said...

Beige food group good for new years too, happy new year!

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

This is my favourite place for fish and chips down by Brighton-Le-Sands, as it's always busy. The fact that there are only about four tiny tables doesn't deter me either, as there's always the beach to take the food to. Plus, Malcolm In The Middle was playing when you took the photo of their awards wall and TV; who doesn't love that? LOL.

chocolatesuze said...

mmm i love a good battered fish! happy new year and all the best for 2010 dude!

Simon Leong said...

hi isyaantonius, i spotted 3 fish n chip shops around the block but this one seemed to be the largest and most popular. have a very happy new year too and I hope 2010 brings lots of yummy food your way :-)

hi yaya, actually over the last few years i go to dee why beach for a new years day swim and bocce so the first lunch i eat for the first day of the year has been the yellow food group and it's looking like it'll happen again hehe

hi joey, that's great to hear i've picked a good one you've been to. the beach across the road is such a great place to enjoy it too as you say. hehe Malcolm In The Middle!

hi chocolatesuze, i love good battered fish as well — i didn't feel as guilty eating the batter for this one. happy new year to you too. hope to catch up more in the new year for some yummy meals :-)

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