28 December 2009

Discount Party Warehouse: Pinatas, Beer Goggles and More, Lidcombe (27 Dec 2009)

Lidcombe Power Centre, Shop 102, Level 1
92 Parramatta Road, Lidcombe NSW 2127

Pinatas aplenty

If I'm ever looking for a pinata I'll definitely know where to get them now — there was even an Elmo one. This party warehouse is huge and would probably satisfy most if not all of your themed party needs. I'm quite partial to the Hawaiian theme because it's so colourful and easy for people to find something for. I noticed a New Years Eve section too if your looking for something along those lines. They even have a small adult section down the back marked out by colourful tinsel ribbon. I didn't even notice the warning sign while passing through but it seemed quite tame so children hopefully won't get too much of a shock — although I didn't have a close look at what they were selling.

1 comment:

Michelle Desira said...

Really a great party store to buy the party supplies at the discounted prices.

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