18 December 2009

Cargo Lounge presents Carrera Christmas Party (17 Dec 2009)

3 Lime Street, King Street Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000

I wear my sunglasses at night

Actually I don't (usually) but the swim wear models at the entrance certainly did and enjoyed putting the Carrera sunglasses on guests for a photo. Upon arrival the Cocktail of Triple Sec, Citrus Vodka and Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice was very refreshing and a winning combination. I enjoyed the salt and pepper squid as well which was tasty and tender. The goodie bag came with plenty of samples of Invisible Zinc sunscreen which is great timing for summer ahead — although I've never seen so many images of Elle Macpherson before (not that I'm complaining). I'm looking forward to trying the organic Swiss-made Cocolo chocolate and the Cedel hair lacquer I'll probably need to pass on :-)

Cocktail of Triple Sec, Citrus Vodka and Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice


Salt and pepper squid and chips

Chicken skewers

Mini quiche

Beef skewers

Bruschetta canapé

Sausage roll

VIP section

Goodie bag with Invisible Zinc sunscreen, Cocolo chocolate and Cedel hair lacquer


spicyicecream said...

I was there too, though only for a little while! Didn't even manage to snag a canape!

Simon Leong said...

Hi lisa, how freaky and cool! have to be quick with those canapes. service tends to move past too quickly I find sometimes.

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