15 December 2009

Contempo 'Where The Wild Things Are' Christmas Party 2009, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney (12 Dec 2009)

Art Gallery Road, The Domain, Sydney NSW 2000

A fantastic night to dress up

Apart from food, one of my other passions is art, so when both are combined together it's just got to be a recipe for a great night. This is the first time I've been to a Contempo party and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I can't believe how much effort the guests dressed up for the theme of 'Where The Wild Things Are' — it really made the night so much more special, crazy and fun. I thought the 600 sold out ticketed event ($80 members/$100 non-members) would be way too crowded but the staff seemed to manage the crowd control well and there was no problem in getting fed with abundant bowls of curries on rice and canapés that were served amongst the crowd which I didn't get to photograph. My favourite of the night would have to be the coconut prawns — I could have happily sat in a corner and ate a bowl of these. So much better than the Sumalee Thai version I had at Bank Hotel in Newtown.

I loved the visual effects of the outdoor hula hoop performers (picture above) which made for some very interesting photos. A free courtesy bus was provided to transport guests from the art gallery to Goldfish in Kings Cross for the after party but for me it unfortunately didn't quite retain the momentum and atmosphere — I wished the art gallery just kept going for a couple more hours instead. The complimentary Lindt chocolate umbrella upon boarding the bus was a very nice and tasty way to end the night. I'd definitely consider going again next year.

The location

The gallery art models

The guests

The food
Coconut prawns

Chicken curry and rice

Vegetable curry and rice

Make your own smoked ham rolls

Drinks galore

Curry station

Vodka and apple juice cocktails

The outdoor hula hoop girls

The best dressed

Male competition

Female competition

The Atmosphere

Courtesy shuttle bus
Going to After Party at Goldfish in Kings Cross

Complimentary Lindt chocolate umbrellas while boarding bus

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

What cool costumes; I especially love the male Scratchy lookalike. :)

Joanie said...

I was once inside that gallery. It's amazing that I am seeing it now with models. The Lindt umbrella chocolate is a winner!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and lovely food! Looks like you had a fun day!

isyaantonius said...

Wow ... what a cool party... Definitely will go next year ... I lov Gallery of NSW ... Did u dressed up as well?

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, this was the best party of cool costumes I've ever been too.

hi joanie, can't go wrong with lindt chocolate :-)

hi ellie, a fun day and fun night. definitely one for the diary next year I hope

hi isyaantonius, i made a simple cardboard gold crown but next year i'd definitely be more confident to be more adventurous :-)

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