29 December 2009

Ching-a-lings: Champagne in glass tumbler, Darlinghurst (23 Oct 2009)

133 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Shame about the glassware

Ching-a-lings has a lot going for it, cool lighting, open rooftop courtyard, hip and happening, but unfortunately don't expect anything but tumblers when you order a wine or even champagne - 'FAIL' — it's totally fine for my Gin & Tonic with fresh lime though. There's just nothing special about drinking your sparkling out of a tumbler. I believe due to storage limitations they don't seem to be able to store anything but tumblers to serve drinks in. Some nights can get really popular and very crowded which can make it quite unbearable and a bit claustrophobic. Apart from Pocket Bar it seems to be one of the most successful small bars in Sydney at the moment.

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Jhames Stewart said...

I also use our recycled glass tumbler for my gin & tonic, but for wine and champagne, I use our glass goblets. It seems more classy to drink gin & tonic from a tumbler, like you're in a high-end bar or something. Because of that, I sometimes use our tumbler for drinking water. It turns the plain liquid into something extraordinary.

Simon Leong said...

hi Jhames, a largish tumbler for a G&T is usually good way to go :-)

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