06 September 2009

Charlies Cafe: Aussie Hamburger, Woolloomooloo (21 August 2009)

7-41 Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

Charlie's Aussie Cafe

Whenever I'm in need a lunchtime walk away from my desk I sometimes venture across to this very simple Aussie cafe for a cheap plain hamburger and chips. It's been a few months since I last visited and today I discover the sad news that the owner Charlie had passed away about 2 weeks prior due to some unexpected heart problems. He was always cheerful and friendly when he took my usual order (which he usually remembered because I never ordered anything else) and I could tell was very down-to-earth and greeted each customer with respect and a sincere smile. I'm sure all his local customers will miss him dearly.

When I first ordered the plain hamburger it didn't come with beetroot so since then I always order it with beetroot. One day I might try the hamburger with the lot but the plain one with a side of chips is usually enough for me. It's nothing amazing but for me it's childhood comfort food in a simple quiet cafe run by good people where I can escape the busy city for lunch — it seems it was even been visited by Russell Crowe.

Where do you go for a great Aussie burger?

Plain Hamburger and Chips $6.40

Menu board

Service counter


View from outside

Expensive modern restaurants across the road on Woolloomooloo Wharf

Tribute to Charlie


Here, There And Aware said...

Simon, thank you for this. I have only just found it.
I am Charlies son and your observations of my father were spot on. He would have been speechless to see this on the net.
Thanks again

Simon Leong said...

hi nick, thanks for commenting on my blog and I hope you and your family and doing well. Charlie was such a nice man and i'm sure he will be remembered in the hearts of many who have met him. best wishes to you :-)

michele said...

Hi Simon,thank you for your kind words about our dear dad charlie,I'm Michele Nicks sister.
I'm glad you enjoyed our dads burgers and that you loved going to his cafe for some chill out time
we miss everyday. thank you :)

Simon Leong said...

hi michele, i sad loss for your family and Woolloomooloo as well. i hope the cafe is still going strong with the regulars and i look forward to revisiting when it's less busy with deadlines at work :-)

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